Demos : Nightly Gale - Illusion Of Evil
(Self Financed) Total Time: 53:28

This is the demo that includes four tracks and lasts about an hour! As you can easy imagine from this here we are dealing with a band that plays Doom Metal. Each track lasts from twelve to fifteen minutes with more clean but also a few hard aggressive vocal lines. The result sounds good enough in every track but as the whole work it got me a little tired. And this didn't happen because I don't like Doom Metal or because I am getting bored with this music but from the fact that the songs look very much alike each other. I got the feeling that through the whole time of the listening there was only one track in the CD and this after a while becomes a little annoying. On the other hand NIGHTLY GALE seem to have many abilities for something really nice so I think that they put a little more variety in their compositions we can expect good works from them in the future.

Reviewer: Andreas Kourtidis Added: June 7th 2006

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