Yesterday a new piece of music has been released: a cover of a Polish band 2 plus 1 entitled "Requiem dla samej siebie" (en: "A requiem for myself") originally released in 1983:


Great news ahead: a new album is in the making and shall hopefully be released this year (source, Polish)


Pagan Records offers the debut album "...and Jesus wept" on bandcamp pricing at $6.00:


The bands prepares a new album thus they have published an advertisement for new musicians on their facebook profile:

We need urgently a guitar and trumpet player!!!
REQUIREMENTS: own equipment, a serious approach.
We ask all interested candidates for contact by PM.”

Of course if you are interested you can also contact the band or the webmaster by e-mail.

Links to video files hosted on the nightlygale.info server have been removed. Please use the links to YouTube videos instead.


A fresh interview (in English translation!) with Sławek who explains facts about Krzysztof's departure, the work on the recently released album and talks about a scary place... Nice lecture!


Krzysztof Prietzel definitely left the band. Good luck for the future!


The long announced fourth full length album "Lust" is finally available. One of the first distributors shipping outside of Poland is serpent.pl. Credit card and PayPal payment accepted.