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R.I.P. Waldemar Sagan (1976–2024)

The band shared the sad news on their Facebook profile that the band’s former vocalist and collaborator Waldemar "Waler" Sagan died on 24 March 2024.

Even if I didn’t come to meet "Waler" in person, and the only contact we had were merely two emails concerning his profile on this website, I must agree that his work – as small the contributions may seem to be – especially on the debut album "…and Jesus wept" perfectly fits the suffocating and sick mood of that underrated record. His first great performance on the promo tape "Erotica" from 1997 still gives me goose-bumps because of the "infernal" vocals.

Ironically there is a cross and the abbreviation "śp." (i.e. "late" but also "commemorated" or "in memoriam", but literally "in a holy memory") on the obituary note published on the profile, while on one of the last photos he wears a necklace with an inverted cross of a substantial size 🤘

[03 December 2023] First live appearance ever!

Nightly Gale played – for the very first time ever! – live alongside bands like Cemetery of Scream, Schema and Metallus at the second edition of December’s Doom in Warsaw’s VooDoo Club.

The band presented two songs from the album, which is being created and following personnel did perform:
Sławomir Pyrzyk – vocals,
Aneta Romańczyk – vocals,
Jarosław Toifl – guitar and production,
Radosław Daszkiewicz – keyboards

Full video of the gig:

Here a link for further informations about the past event on facebook (Polish).


Yesterday a new piece of music has been released: a cover of a Polish band 2 plus 1 entitled "Requiem dla samej siebie" (en: "A requiem for myself") originally released in 1983:


Great news ahead: a new album is in the making and shall hopefully be released this year (source, Polish)


Pagan Records offers the debut album "...and Jesus wept" on bandcamp pricing at $6.00: