Pagan Records offers the debut album "...and Jesus wept" on bandcamp pricing at $4.99 USD:


The bands prepares a new album thus they have published an advertisement for new musicians on their facebook profile:

We need urgently a guitar and trumpet player!!!
REQUIREMENTS: own equipment, a serious approach.
We ask all interested candidates for contact by PM.”

Of course if you are interested you can also contact the band or the webmaster by e-mail.

Links to video files hosted on the nightlygale.info server have been removed. Please use the links to YouTube videos instead.


A fresh interview (in English translation!) with Sławek who explains facts about Krzysztof's departure, the work on the recently released album and talks about a scary place... Nice lecture!


Krzysztof Prietzel definitely left the band. Good luck for the future!


The long announced fourth full length album "Lust" is finally available. One of the first distributors shipping outside of Poland is serpent.pl. Credit card and PayPal payment accepted.


Guitar player Krzysztof Prietzel has returned to the band after a short period of crisis caused by delays and problems with the release of the fourth album "Lust". The record should be available in the beginning of May, the band has received promotional digipacs already (as shown on the picture on their facebook profile).


Krzysztof Prietzel (guitars) hast left the band. As he commented on the band's Facebook profile, he wants to concentrate on his own project and his education.

Nightly Gale is writing the score for a short movie "Suicide" by the local film club "Wrota". Premiere of the movie based on a story by Jakuba Ćwiek is scheduled for April 2013.


The band announced on it's Facebook profile that the release date of their album "Lust" has been postponed again. The record company calls March 25, 2013 as the release date.


As a delayed new year's gift the new album will be released tomorrow, January 21, 2013.
You can already read the lyrics, based on a short story by Radek Daszkiewicz that is also available for download as a PDF booklet (currently Polish only).


Due to unknown reasons the release date of the fourth full lenghth album "Lust" has been delayed. The new date is January 2013.


"Lust", the long awaited fourth album will be released on a Polish label RDS Music on December 03., 2012.


As the band members informed me, the fourth full length album "Lust" will soon be released. Before the tunes are unleashed watch the official video clip to the song called "Laura". It has been realised with participation of all band members in a dark, abandoned place.... Enter the madness...


The mix as the final part of the production process of the forthcoming album is finished. Now the band is waiting for an answer from one of the record companies which received the promotional package (album with videoclip to the song "Laura").
The band shows the front cover project for the album entitled "Lust" on its Facebook profile. I will show it also here soon.


As you may have noticed in the Personnel section Aneta has changed her second name to her husband's, Mr. Romańczyk. On the occasion of their wedding (on December 23, 2011) lots of good luck for the common future!


On request of some fans (and due to offline status of metalpromo.com, where these MP3 files have been hosted) I uploaded the first two demo materials also in MP3 format. Download in the Sound section.


In the Image section you can watch some pictures taken during the recording session of the video clip to a piece (working title "Laura") from the forthcoming album. The video itself is still in the post-production phase.


The forthcoming fourth album is in the mixing phase. Any details are known to me at the moment except for the intention of releasing the work by a record company.

Since some time there is an active band profile on facebook. There you can find some pictures from the recording session for the coming promotional video.