"Lust" (2012)
"Imprint" (2008)
"Illusion of Evil" (2005)
"...and Jesus wept" (2001)

Demo/promo materials:

Promo tape: "Erotica" (1999)
Demo tape II: "The Bleeding Art" (1997)
Demo tape I: "Dream of Dark Hour" (1996)
Rehearsal tape (1996)

CD cover "Lust" Recording: Maq Records and "Studio 78"
Engineering: Jarosław Toifl

Music: Sławomir Pyrzyk & Nightly Gale
Lyrics: Radosław Daszkiewicz

1. Doctor 11:51
2. Laura 05:57
3. David 10:36
4. Jar of Joy 08:48
5. Martha 06:24
6. Would? /cover Alice In Chains/ 03:45

Sławomir Pyrzyk (vocals, guitar, programmming)
Radosław Daszkiewicz (piano, bass guitar, synth)
Aneta Romańczyk (vocals)
Krzysztof Prietzel (guitars)

Okładka "Imprint"Recorded at HH Poland Studio and MAQ Studio
Winter 2006 to Spring 2007
Engineer: Jarosław Toifl
Production: Nightly Gale
Cover Artwork: Pyrzyk and Daszkiewicz
Band photos: Agnieszka Kalnik & Beniamin Szwed

Music: Nightly Gale
Lyrics: Radosław Daszkiewicz

7 chapters without pause - total playing time 70 minutes

I - Ignorance Is Bliss!
II - In Your Fragrance
III - When I'm In You
IV - I Hate Your Lies
V - Selfish To The Bone
VI - No Empty Words
VII - You Have To Believe !!!

Sławomir Pyrzyk (vocals, guitar)
Jarosław Toifl (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, programming) 
Radosław Daszkiewicz (piano)

Session musicians:
Aneta Sumara - vocals
Jarosław Spałek - trumpet


"Illusion of Evil"
Okładka "Illusion of Evil"
Distributed by: Foreshadow Productions and Pagan Rec..

Recorded and mixed: HH Poland Studio, Gliwice, autumn 2004
Music: Pyrzyk/Toifl
Lyrics: Pyrzyk
Cover artwork: Dariusz Stasiak

Sławomir Pyrzyk (vocals, guitar, synthesizers and drum progr.)
Jarosław Toifl (guitar, bass, keyboards)

guest appearance:
Waldemar Sagan (screams)
Jacek Walentek (saxophone)
Radosław Daszkiewicz (piano)

1. At your command (12:30)
2. Illusion of evil (13:09)
3. Vanity (12:23)
4. Betrayal (15:26)


"...and Jesus wept"
Okładka "...and jesus wept" PAGAN RECORDS MOON CD/MC 027

Recorded and mixed at: Combo Studio, Gliwice, Poland, summer 2000
Music: Pyrzyk / Toifl
Lyrics: Pyrzyk (except 3. - Sagan)
Photos: Tomasz Łobodziński
Artwork/layout: Tomasz Krajewski

Sławomir Pyrzyk (vocals, guitar, synthesizers and drum progr.)
Jarosław Toifl (guitar, bass, keyboards)
Waldemar Sagan (screams)
guest appearance: Paweł Pyszkowski (electronic saxophone)

1. I'm the Only Way (14:48)
2. In Despair of Solitude (11:30)
3. And if I say that You died (9:16)
4. Cutting God's Throat (13:02)
5. Place where You are (11:33)


"Erotica" Okładka kasety "Erotica"

Recorded and mixed at: Cyber Studio, Katowice, Poland, 13.-17.04.1999
Music: Pyrzyk / Toifl
Lyrics: Pyrzyk

Sławomir Pyrzyk (vocals, guitar, keyb./progr.)
Damian Hellwing (bass)
Jarosław Toifl (guitar, keyb.)
Waldemar Sagan (vocals)

1. Angelica Burns (9:33)
2. Dark River of the Heart (11:11) 


"The Bleeding Art" Okładka kasety "The Bleeding Art"

Ceremony Records CRO 011

Recorded and mixed at: Cyber Studio, Katowice, Poland 12.1996 and 04.1997
Music: Pyrzyk / Sobolewski
Lyrics: Pyrzyk (except 6.: Lord Byron)
Cover artwork: Kuba / Wicca Graphicks

Sławomir Pyrzyk (vocals, guitar, programming)
Damian Hellwing (bass)
sesyjnie: Grzegorz Sobolewski (guitar, programming, vocals in 6.)
Waldemar Sagan (vocals in 1.)

side A
1. Drowning in a Painful Sea (9:16)
2. The Bleeding Art (10:00)
3. Neverland (9:45)

side B
4. For Lonley Winds (6:24)
5. Sign of Silence (7:33)
6. Epitaph on a Friend (11:49)


"Dream of Dark Hour"
Okładka kasety "Dream of Dark Hour"

Recorded and mixed at: Cyber Studio, Katowice, april 1996
Lyrics: Pyrzyk / Sobolewski
Cover artwork: Steve Crisp

Sławomir Pyrzyk (vocals, guitar, programming)
Grzegorz Sobolewski (guitar, programming)
Damian Hellwing (bass)
side A
1. Dreamless (1:40)
2. One Tear (12:07)
3. Green of Grove (8:41)
4. Mystery (7:14)

side B
5. Insomnia (1:36)
6. Gods in Pain (9:16)
7. Dream of Dark Hour (11:39)
8. Forever... (5:44)