The band NIGHTLY GALE has been founded in Zabrze in January, 1996.
The founding members were: Sławek Pyrzyk (guitars, vocals, drum programming), Grzegorz Sobolewski (guitar, synthesizers) and Damian Hellwing (bass guitar). In the early days, there was a female vocalist, but due to her unreliability she was not involved in ther recoding of the first demo tape anymore.
In April, 1996 the demo tape entitled "Dream of Dark Hour" has been released. It contained approx. 60 minutes of slow and melancholic doom metal.

In 1997 an underground record company Ceremony Rec. released the second demo tape under the title "The Bleeding Art". It has strengthened the image of the band as a collective of artists playing such a kind of unpopular music..
In between Grzegorz, the guitarist, has left the band, though he has participated in the recording process of "the Bleeding Art" as a session musician. The vocal parts screamed by Waldemar Sagan (who former sung in a band "Dunkelheit") became a new element of the sound of Nightly Gale.

The year 1999 brought a promotional tape "Erotica" containing 2 tracks with a playing time of 21 minutes presenting an alternated face of the band's music. The second vocalist Waldemar Sagan has become a permanent member, Grzegorz has been replaced by Jarosław Toifl. Mr. Sagan's screams vary the band's music with black metal elements.

The sound and the athmosphere rising from the promo tape had decided on signing a recording deal with a relatively famous Polish company Pagan Records.
The debut album "...and Jesus wept" has been unleashed in May, 2001. Pagan Records tried to take over a difficult task to promote a kind of music that they called "suicidal doom". The 5 pieces of which the album consits have a playing time of 60 minutes, it is a development of the moods known from the "Erotica" material. Many of peculiar for that kind of music instruments such as electronic saxophone had been used.

Three years since the release of the album has passed, it has become silent about the band.

A new material, as the vocalist Sławek Pyrzyk announced should become "slower and much heavier than '...Jesus...'". And it has.
A working title emerged: "Illusion of Evil", the band has been working on mix and production during the last year. Now the opus is finished... but there is no one who would release it.
It seems that Nightly Gale enters their underground and underestimated status again and tries to release and distribute their second album on their own.

The ways of the band and their vocalist Waldemar Sagan have gone apart, but a new piano/bass player in person of the band's firend Radek Dszkiewicz has been recruited. It is him, who writes an sory about a man's life ans personal problems that would become a base for the new album. The concept is born and in this early state Jarek (responsible for production/mastering) has the idea that the CD would be a complete piece - one track with index marks only. Is has been dropped until the final product, it is a continuuous album though, seven tracks without a pause between them.
The collaboration with Jarek ended shortly after the album's release in summer 2008, in future he would like act in the background only - recording and producing the band's works. The session female vocalist Aneta Sumara, who's musical background lies in blues/rock, alreday involved in the recording of the album finally entitled "Imprint" became full member of the band.

In the fall of 2008 a Polish animation artist requested a musical score done by Nightly Gale for one of his works. This project has not been finished, but the created work would eventually be found on a future release.

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