This is Nightly Gale from Poland. They are a doom metal band with slightly emotional and dreamy approach than usual. Previous releases were: "Dream of Dark Hour" - Demo '96 and "The Bleeding Art" - Demo '97. In this interview Slawomir tells us a bit about the forthcoming promo, among other things. Wish them luck for the release of their next 'big stuffs'!!

Hi Slawomir. What's new with Nightly Gale?

Welcome Sam!!! We have just finished preparing to March sessions in Cyberstudios. It will be a two-song promo lasting about 21 minutes. Besides there was essential changes in our staff. At present Nightly Gale are: Slawek Pyrzyk (Voc, Guit, Keys and Drum programming), Damian Hellwing (Bass), Jaroslaw Tojfl (Guitars and Keys) and Waldemar Sagan (Voc).

You had some trouble releasing "The Bleeding Art"? Are things running smoothly with Ceremony Rec. now?

There were problems caused by changing of date of edition of "The Bleeding Art" by Ceremony Rec. for about 8 months that negatively influenced over my attitude to this firm already in the beginning. Besides promotion is not strong point of this small firm. Tom from Ceremony sent 40 tapes in my country and 10 abroad in comparison with that I sent over 100 only to the west. As you can see, numbers speak for themselves. The last problem is lack of flyers, which wouldn't probably be printed additionally. Unfortunately financial position of this firm destroys it. it's a pity because Tom published interesting and original stuffs.

Have you had any cases of mistaken identity with the two relatively well known bands Night in Gales or Nightingales due to the similarity of names?

Fortunately that situation has never taked place and even it I would have a big amusement particularly if I would get questions to interview or money for CD (ha, ha). If we talk about CD that is not a problem. I have got a recorder so I can always record a CD (ha, ha).

If I said that "The bleeding Art" has a lot of similarities with My Dying Bride's "Like God's of the Sun" would you consider it a compliment? What do you consider your influences to be?

"Like Gods of the Sun" is not my favorite record of My Dying Bride but if his record is such good to assume your opinion to the compliment. To my mind there is not so much similarities and if then only subconsciously. We try to compose original songs but influences of such bands like Black Sabbath, Candlemass or Unholy (my favorite band) affect me in some way. Songs that will be on promo are already combination of my ideas and Jarek's ideas who doesn't listen to metal but progressive rock in style of Toto. Combination if our interests has given good heavy and climatic music that is still doom metal and not something they call gothic rock with pretty female's vocals that I hate and will not ever play for sure.

Have you found a replacement vocalist yet? How is he fitting in to the band?

As I mentioned above his name is Waldemar. He sings also in Black metal band Dunkelheit. He has got rapacious voice and we need it very much to vary style of NG. I think that combination of my clean vocal with Waldemar's screams has come out very interesting.

What is the underground scene like in Poland?

I could say it's big, interesting and full of good bands. Underground magazines supports it because theses official ones that you can buy in music shop promote 99% foreign bands. Of the kinds of metal - for sure death metal rules, then black and all the rest at the end. I haven't mentioned the gothic that is everywhere but I don't account it to the kinds of metal. There is little metal on the radio from commercial reasons but these broadcastings which exist try to promote native product. Concerts for Polish bands are very rare and I suppose I will have to exert our selves very much to play some. Label that really takes care about it's bands is Pagan Rec. and the rest there are local, small or greater labels that can't dig themselves even in the country with no talking about abroad. (for instance Ceremony).

Any plans for a new album soon?

First, promo in March that we want to edit professionally and distribute ourselves. Then at the end of the year the third big stuff (we have got 2 songs ready for it). But the most important thing for us - edition of promo will be supported by live appearances that is new for us. Maybe people could stand stuff we will propose them.

Last messages.

Thanks Sam for the interview and support. I encourage every one to aqquaint themselves with our music.

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