Nightly Gale made their presence felt lately with the new album „... And Jesus Wept”. Therefore they confirmed that Polish doom underground exists and records in wise way and with flair.

The responsible for recording and releasing the album is the pair of two people, Sławomir Pyrzyk and Jarosław Toifl. Four tracks contain nearly one hour of music. Thereby the compositions are long and, what is the most important, they are not boring due to unpredictable arrangements. On this album we deal with slow, overwhelming rhythm that is inspired by doom’s roots. Heavy guitars support keyboards successfully, drums are rather repetitive, but it does not dazzle the listener at all. In addition to the instruments mentioned above we also can hear saxophone! This instrument is not being used very often in metal or rock music, but in this case it affects the vibe a lot! Moreover, for the first time I heard such a wild sound can go out of the saxophone. The music together with vocal complete with shouts (its role is limited to Illusion Of Evil) creates particular, weird, depressing and shattering material.

Nightly Gale presented their own view of doom containing some trip elements. The view is fresh and can easily become successful one in a future after some grinding. Once again the group has proved that polish musicians have an appreciation of the doom’s world. Despite of their own production the album was released professionally and is very cheap (costs only about 15 USD). This is definitely the MUST HAVE in your music collection.

Written by Tomasz Powrozek and originally published on