Finding out that Nightly Gale is an exceptional band on our stage you could see not so much after their debut, but after the second album of their career - 'Illusion of Evil'. Suffice to say is that nobody in Poland plays that way, then I dare say that even in a wider geographical perspective are not more competition. Why they carry on everything alone, focusing personally on promoting their own material? Well, so it is with an ambitious music ...

“Imprint” is a seven smoothly intersecting chapters of a coherent concept, embedded in the core of nearly 70 minutes of progressive doom metal, for which Nightly Gale is known for quite some time.Trio's third album is a story that drags man in, leaving the listener not a single moment to rest and forcing him to carefully read “from cover to cover ". Distribution of suspenses, climaxes and unexpected action twists can make you dizzy, surprising with unique lightness and freedom. “Imprint” is a powerful dose of darkness, “golden shot” of pessimism, dressed in progressive robes of changing like in kaleidoscopic fashion Sławek Pyrzyk vocals, fantastic batch of keys, samples of wailing children or guest, almost free-jazz brass knockouts and female vocals. Those who are looking for a doom metal weight and crepitating guitars won’t also be disappointed. Nightly Gale recording an incredibly ambitious album, didn’t forgot where the roots of the band are. Despite ubiquitous funeral motility and ominous pulse of the rhythm section is still able to brazenly hit the face of almost death metal balanced riff - like somewhere in the middle of “In Your Fragrance'” and at the end of “Selfish To The Bone”. All naturally within the frame of reason and convention, so that the 'Imprint' wouldn’t pull apart from excess of quasi incompatible elements.

I am captivated by the new Nightly Gale record. Gentlemen did an excellent job and I hope that this brilliant album will finally be noticed outside Poland. This team definitely deserves the award and I consider the fact that that they are still not listed among the biggest bands in the country to be a sad giggle of history. Take it sight unseen and listen to the sounds of intelligent and ambitious music! Congratulations Nightly Gale!

Written by Łukasz Dubniowski